Breakthrough navigation solution for urban towers





bindex QR
Easy and intuitive

- Private search interface for mobile
- Tenant intercom
- Call Reception desk
- Keyword based smart search  
- Primary and secondary languages
- Social distance keepr -  No human physical touch
- No app required

bindex TV

Simple and Awesome
- Digital signage screen platform
- Schedule RSS message's to visitors and tenants


Straightforward and secured
management system based on open source tools:
(Google sheets file and google analytics integration)

Want to get started ?



Print and Install our unique
bindex QR code

anywhere in yore building.
No infrastructure requirement

Allow everyone to:
- Find their meeting floor
- Tenant intercom
- Call reception desk
and more...

​5 seconds process
No app required

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bindex Partners

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And  stable solution

bindex API

Our application programming interface will allow you to interface with any third party software:

- Elevator order
- Entry Analytics
- Parking management
- WhatsApp Integrations
- Custom code and more

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Search and reception app for
Android tablet or PC Kiosk mode

Provide the best and most secure service

With any kiosk stand or tablet